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Lucrative, environmental and CSR-conscious electronics recycling

Holland Recycling buys all your old and/or obsolete IT Equipment. Our expertise in the field of reuse and electronics recycling makes us your ideal partner. Because of this, in most cases we can give better compensation than our industry peers.

The life cycle of electronics just keeps getting shorter. As a company you are often forced to replace electronics or components of electronics for newer versions. We can reuse your equipment or process them in accordance with the current laws and regulations. And the compensations that we give you are more than in line with market conditions!

Extra good news for providers

After a positive certification audit we are among the leading group of WEEELABEX certified recycling companies, and can continue to offer the very best prices for waste or surplus electrical equipment and components of electronics. Read more about the Meaning of WEEE and WEEELABEX

By assigning Holland Recycling as a partner, you will also make a significant CSR contribution because we deploy more than 75 employees who are in a disadvantaged position in the labour market for the processing of your electronics. You also make an important environmental effort since costly and increasingly rare commodities such as gold, silver, palladium, and copper are recovered optimally through our meticulous process.

In short, Holland Recycling B.V. is your perfect partner for recycling electronics!